Dearest Tom,

“A person who thinks all the time
Has nothing to think about except thoughts
So, he loses touch with reality
And lives in a world of illusions…” -Alan Watts

One of the main takeaways from your book I experienced was to to develop my intellect and learn as much as possible. However for this to occur, I need to first experience, THINK, and then understand.
How much time and effort do you spend everyday on trying to understand yourself and everything around you? Does that process of thinking make you loose out on experience of reality? Does the more time one spends thinking and figuring out/understanding correlated to loosing what one could be doing/enjoying/experiencing.

I understand it’s my freedom of choice to be able to spend my time how I’d like, but what is it worth choosing to understand myself and intellect so much if it ultimately takes me away from reality and my opportunity to experience?

very respectfully, -Karina

Consciousness is the MAIN reality of the Universe.

Famous 17th century mathematician René Descartes concluded:

"I think therefore I am".

This sentence is as close to the Reality and the Essence of the Universe as you can get.
Over the centuries this sentence has been subject to jokes and ridicule, because Descartes forgot to define what he meant by "thought", or "thinking" considering perhaps that it was really obvious. It could have been obvious to him, but people on Earth, including scientists in 21st century, have no idea what is consciousness, what is "thought" and what does it really mean "to think".

If we define "thought" as an event of information processing, we can begin to understand what we are talking about here. If we further define Consciousness - you can begin to appreciate what I had in mind in The Freedom of Choice book. For more details please see my recent video "Consciousness and the Universe" below

Tom, 4 April 2023

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