10-th planet?

The tenth planet in the Solar system has been found contradicting Thao!!!


If you read the Thiaoouba Prophecy book again you may find the following statement there:

Needless to say, certain accidents occur and sometimes a planet will disappear in a solar system, or perhaps enter it, but later in time, the solar system will revert and base its structure again on the number nine.'

This statement means that if indeed the 10-th planet entered our Solar System, one of the planets is due to disappear from it. Can you guess which one?


Do you mean earth? If our planet is going to dissapear then why did people from Thiaoouba make you write a book to inform us, if it's to late anyway?


Their message was in 1987. If you read the Thiaoouba book again you may notice that in 1987 people from Thiaoouba told Michel: "You have but a few years left in which to arrest the pollution before the situation becomes irreversible".


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