Eliminating addictions?

I've had success with many of my habits except one, smoking. I smoke all of the time. Not because I'm stressed or sad or whatever. I just smoke all of the time and I hate it.What in the world is going on with this. Why?Is there a reason or is it possible to just form a purely physical habit?


Do you know how we develop addictions? The entire metabolic system (every cell in your body PLUS the part of your consciousness that controls metabolic processes) "memorizes" the process of metabolizing toxins when you take them systematically for some time.

When you reduce the intake - this "memory" causes cravings and "withdrawal effects". Your metabolic system EXPECTS toxins, simply because you TRAINED it yourself.

The most effective way to eliminate addictions is to RE-PROGRAM your metabolic system. The BEST is to start with a 2 week fasting (For info how to do it SAFELY and comfortably click here. PLEASE read instructions FIRST, before commencing your fast. (This is serious - fasting without certain precaution IS dangerous).

The physical result of fasting is a thorough detoxification. The conscious result is a complete re-training of the metabolic system to the totally new mode of operation.

I can guarantee that you will have no desire to smoke whatsoever during the fast. It will also be MUCH MUCH easier to drop your addiction altogether.


I want to get rid of my Gambling addictions. Please help.


Study the SELF and find out WHY do you do certain things that you eventually do not like. Ask your Higher Self to BRING YOUR ACTIONS to uyour attention, so you can make a CHOICE.


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