Mobile phones?

I remember reading in one of the newsletters about the damage of mobile phones. I was under pressure to make a call using a mobile phone today and gave in to it. What is the damage, and what kind of danage would I have incurred from this?

How long would it take to recover?


We do not know exactly what damage can result from use of mobile phones. Most likely the damage occurs as a result of prolonged systematic use. Sporadic use is far less dangerous, however, we should consider ourselves surrounded with mobile phone broadcasts, especially in cities.

Interesting research results have been published at the Conference of the Information Society - Cognitive Science. Article on page 69 "The influence of mobile phones on human bio-electromagnetic field" explores influences of mobile phones using GDV Bio-electrography (Gas Discharge Visualisation) - the same technique that I used to study effects of color stimulation. They confirmed that mobile phones have a definite negative influence and explored some ways to improve the situation as perceived using the GDV technique.

Note, however, that we know very little about the physics of human consciousness. Also, decoding information from GDV images is a true challenge. For these reasons, we should be very careful drawing conclusions about "improving safety of mobile phones".

It is always very easy to induce a damage (smash your brain for example). Repairing the damage is always much more difficult. Avoiding or minimizing the damage seems to be the best strategy.


Hello Tom,Now that you have moved to the countryside do you feel any different after leaving the electromagntic 'soup' that goes with a city behind?


Sure I do. I don't want to move away from here, even for an hour. Unfortunately, sometimes I have to travel away, but I try to minimize such travels.


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