Working on your Self

Dr. Chalko, I'm fifty years old and have been working on myself for a long time. I know that I am far away from being any kind of perfect. I hope that I'm not coming off like I think I'm so great, because that's not how I feel at all.


Being great and "feeling great" are two different things. You ARE great - simply because you refuse to make stupid choices. The "greater" you are however, the more things you see that need to be improved about yourSelf. That is why all truly great people are modest - they KNOW how much there is to learn...


All things we discover on our path are never, ever a coincidence. One paradigm shift after another is required to bring you closer to yourself.

Whether you judge yourself or not - is a choice, a preference. Acknowledge, accept and allow for change in all forms of existence and know that it is all for your benefit. My aim is to be at Peace with all situations. drglidden [David R Glidden]

I just love your comment to Belle, Tom. My brother-in-law is constantly having a go at me. He once said he now knows everything and there is nothing else he needs to know. Shocked I though how ridiculous, the more I learn the more I truly realise how little I do know, so those words of yours have helped me greatly. [Kimbra]

I am 33yrs old, recently I had read your book and it was very straight forward. I had been trying to improve myself to become a better person each day. However, I am married and there are so many things that had made me feel hate. I pray God to allow me accept things that I can change and instruct me to change things that I can change.

However, the more I know about life and my ignorance of it - the more angry I get about people who persist to get my worst side. I know my mind needs to be stronger to control my emotions and respond wisely. But I got to the point that I was so patient and good to people that now I am so affraid people step over me.

For I tried to commit suicide for that was a reaction out of an argument I had and I saw no positiveness and reason in life. Now, I can say that was a BIG mistake of my side, but I still need guideness from some open mind who can help me strugle w/ difficult people who I do not want in my life but they still there to give me hurt time. Please help!!!


First you need to LEARN TO CALM DOWN whenever you like - instantly. The best way to start is the exercise with the cross. The more upset I am - the more positive the effect.

Second, learn meditation. You need to do it when you are alone in silence. I had to meditate at 4am everyday to avoid disturbances.

See also Coping with disturbing people. Try to read The Freedom again - I haven't yet met anyone who understood it fully after the first reading. Understanding Life is a PROCESS.


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