Overcoming depression?

What if you are depressed about things that you can't remember that happened when you were a child? Please don't suggest therapists. Been there. Never again.

Is it enough to know that there is something bad there, and just deal with the emotions and not every little detail. What are your thoughts and suggestions?


Do you remember "The Past" chapter from 'The Freedom of Choice'? Please read it again very carefully and try to catch a deeper meaning.

The essence of life is to live "in the NOW", study and develop the SELF. The total result of whatever happened in the Past is the very situation and the lesson that you experience NOW. You need to learn to deal with your emotions TODAY, regardless of what happened or didn't happen in the Past.

Note, that your depression succeeds in attracting your ATTENTION and PROVOKES you to study The Self.

Learn meditation to calm your mind on a regular basis. With a calm mind, try to analyze the mechanism of your feelings WITHIN yourself. WHAT exactly makes you depressed WITHIN? WHY do you make a CHOICE to feel depressed? Depression is your OWN feeling within yourself - YOU generate it within entirely by yourself. No one else can feel it - only you. Don't even try to blame it on someone or something else, past or present.


Why is our CONSCIOUSNESS blocked from certain things? How do we learn if we can't remember?


We forget things for a REASON. If we didn't - the clutter from past mistakes and suffering would accumulate and eventually sabotage the development of our intellect. Also - conscious existence in the Universe is NOT about "memorizing" anything. It is about developing the UNDERSTANDING. Please read the chapter 'Concentration on the "inner sound" ' again and try to understand the difference between "memorizing" and "understanding".

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I have been depressed for years on and off, but especially lately. I am seeing a psychologist, and she wants to put me on antidepressants. This doesn't seem like a good idea to me, but I don't know much about them. (I have not read The Freedom of Choice yet by the way, because my parents won't let me download anything, and from lack of money.)

Heather Bellingham,W

Please search in this Forum for "suicide", PRINT the article about Lisa and her friend and show this article to your parents. This article may help them to change their mind.

You can also send an email to the webmaster (below) and include your physical address, so I can send you a paperback copy.


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