What is good about depression?

Hello Tom, I have a question about depressions. Even if I know the purpose of the universe and I have a clear and positive vision about myself, I still feel depressed from time to time. What good is that?


Do you remember the Universal Law of contrasts?We need to become intimately familiar with a wide range of contrasting feelings, especially the extremes.

How could we make conscious CHOICES without knowing possibilities and their consequences?

All feelings, including 'depression' are states of our OWN intellect, even though they frequently seem 'provoked' or 'induced' by other people or circumstances.

Recognizing, coping and analyzing REASONS for our own feelings are major challenges for our intellect. In fact, they constitute the MAIN method to explore and know the SELF.

Analyse REASONS and exact MECHANISMS of your depression. How is it induced? WHY is it SO unpleasant? WHY it is SO difficult to overcome? Are there any BARRIERS that you create YOURSELF? All answers are WITHIN.

In view of the above, depressions seem to FORCE us to study ourselves and our own feelings. They are unpleasant, but they attract our ATTENTION. Their function for our intellect seems similar to the function of PAIN for the physical body (certain body part requires our attention).

By learning to resolve your depression, you learn a LOT about yourself. Only then you gain the ability to understand others. Can you REALLY understand feelings of others without thoroughly understanding your OWN?


Regarding depression, I was depressed for quite a long time - and then I've realized that depression is just a state that I have ALLOWED myself to experience.

All I did to get rid of it was to DECIDE CONSCIOUSLY that I refuse to be depressed - and have since remained 'not depressed'. To my mind, depression is no longer needed, because I have learned from it already - no need to repeat this learning.

This is MY CHOICE and I've also realized that it was a positive 'learning' experience (looking back at it), because I've experienced something of a 'negative nature' - now I'm more appreciative of being in a totally happy state. I don't think it's possible to exist HAPPILY without first knowing what 'NOT HAPPY' is - it's all about experiencing contrasts for me.

Your book needs to be read by all people who ever experienced depression, so that they too could see that there EXIST OTHER, CONTRASTING possibilities.


Is experiencing depression a signal that there exist certain aspects of our consciousness that require some HOMEWORK from our intellect? See also Overcoming depression


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