Critical point in history?

Hi Tom,
I have been re-reading The Book and I am intrigued to know your interpretation of the following sentence:

'A certain percentage of these people are arriving at a very critical point in history and we feel that the time has come to try to assist them. If they will listen, we can ensure that they take the right path. This is why you have been chosen...'

What do you think of the 'very critical point' part?


Thao deliberately allowed many interpretations. I have discussed this with Michel and all he could say was that that he was asked to highlight the above statement.

Since the development of individual intellect seems to be the essence of existence - the "critical point" must refer to intellect. 2000 years ago it was expressed as follows:

"Whoever has something in hand - will be given more, and whoever has nothing - will be deprived of even the tiny bit that person has".

I think that the "critical point" is about understanding of the Universe. If we do not attain enough understanding - our intellect will become polluted with propaganda, fear and misinformation SO much that the situation may become critical for our existence, both individual and as a society.


Perhaps it means that those who are ready will move up to a second category planet. (The concept of the "category" is from The Book)


There is nothing "critical" about that. It doesn't really matter if progress happens now or later. However, polluting intellect to the point that progress becomes impossible - IS critical NOW.


I thought that all intellects would eventually reach their highest possible potential given enough time.


Only those who CHOOSE to realize their potential. Do you think students who bimbo around would graduate with a PhD?


Is it really possible for an intellect to become so polluted that it cannot develop anymore? How would such an intellect recover?


I suppose that everything needs to be forgotten to start with, and the entire process re-started. What would you do if a hard disk on your computer became so cluttered with bugs and malicious programs that you couldn't use your computer anymore?


When we choose to live another physical life is it always on the same planet as before? Who makes the decision about moving up a category?


You have the Freedom of Choice that is limited only by what you can comprehend. Decision is a result of negotiations with your "guardian" Higher Self. Would you decide to enroll for a PhD at the University if you weren't quite sure if you could read and write?


I see now, that is what is meant by

'Whoever has something in hand - will be given more, and whoever has nothing - will be deprived of even the tiny bit that person has'.

Those who have nothing will have their 'hard disks' reformatted !


Very likely. Note, however, that if you manage to develop some "useful software" - it will be carried forward, so you can continue developing it, rather than starting from scratch. You can expect to have more talents and abilities.


Sorry to be so negative but does anyone one else out there get depressed when they find that no-one else seems to be concerned about the 'higher' picture? I mean it is hard to focus when your neighbours are having a punchup on the lawn, (really!), theft and vandalism are occuring constantly in your neighbourhood and young children in the schoolground are finding swear words are best used to describe well anything. I know there are many beautiful and caring people out there but tell me what do you do when everything around you seems so negative?


We should learn to respect other people's Freedom of Choice.

What do you do if a baby behaves like it does? Don't you let it play?


Gosh how well adjusted you sound. These sort of actions cause me to feel fear, uncertainty and I feel very insecure. I need to believe we live in a nice World, these incidences give me a negative feeling about us humans and I feel sad. I know sometimes I am no better myself but how can we make these negative experiences turn into a more positive experience, Tom. Is it possible?


We cannot make choices for other people, but we can LEARN by observing others. The goal is to find out how to make choices ourselves. Fear is definitely not a solution. Find the REASON for such a fear WITHIN.

Truly wise people [2] say: "Be passersby." My (free) translation of this saying is "Learn to Exist by Observing."


Why do you correlate Ph.D. as being main and only way {seemingly} to be achieving a highest potential in this life? Is it because it builds credibility? Or is it a social reason? OR just the inner desire to challenge oneself against all other odds as stated above and more, through the medium of education? Safe for the body, though challenging for the mind? Can my full potential be realized without being Ph.D.? Does not going for one mean I'm bimboing around too?


Who told you that I hold such a view?

Neither Moses nor Buddha or Jesus came even close to a "phD". What people on Earth call PhD is just a test of intellectual abilities of a candidate, usually in a very narrow discipline, aiming to demonstrate that he/she can conduct independent research and advance the current state of "knowledge" in that discipline.

It is nothing more and nothing less. It is a test that people choose themselves for various reasons.

Potential for human Intellect is far far greater. Have you read The Freedom of Choice?


I need to know what religion is closer to the truth. Are all religions bad?


The biggest problem with religions is is that they TOTALLY misrepresent the Great Intellect. Do you think that the Great Intellect needs a proxy?

Religions constipate people's minds with rules, rituals, idolatry, beliefs, fear of all kinds (including the fear of God) and even blackmail (follow us and do what we say or else you would be damned).

The long term result is crippling evolution of Individual Intellects, and hence violating the Purpose of existence of the entire Universe.


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