In India there is a long tradition and many generations of so-called gurus. The word guru seems to have been adopted everywhere. Today we have "marketing", "network", "web" and all other sorts of "gurus". What do you think of spiritual gurus? Are they relevant?


Hindu text Advayataraka Upanishad (14Ð18), defines Guru as "dispeller (gu) of darkness (ru)". It is widely accepted for centuries that Guru means one who "gives light" or "leads to light" by eradicating the "darkness of ignorance".

In principle, everyone, at nearly any stage of his/her development, needs a teacher. However, a good (non-misleading) teacher can be quite difficult to find.

In brief, the most serious problems with so-called "gurus" can be expressed as follows:

1. Gurus are supposed to "show us the way to The Light". However, for at least several hundred years no guru seemed to be able to reach it. No guru today seems to speak from his/her own experience of being accepted and admitted by The Light. Can you guess what is the most likely outcome if "A blind person leads another blind person[2]" ?

2. When explicitly asked about The Light, many gurus quote the statement of one of their ancestors:

"before enlightenment: chop the wood and carry water,
after enlightenment: chop the wood and carry water."

By repeating and promoting such arrogant and ignorant statements about The Light gurus totally DEGRADE the process of Enlightenment. Isn't it obvious that statements like the one above imply that there is no point whatsoever in seeking Enlightenment and The Light? By discouraging individuals from seeking The Light "gurus" in fact reinforce darkness and ignorance and keep people confused and misinformed for centuries, if not for millenia.

The motive for promoting "chopping wood" statements seems simple to determine: can you imagine what would happen if correctly instructed and inspired people begun to reach and communicate with The Light before their gurus do? Precisely the same motive is a basis for creating/reinforcing all belief systems and religions without exception...

The Light is the essence of the Universe, simply because it is a source and a carrier of all imaginable information. Hence, whoever chooses to disregard The Light - will miss everything... Have you read A Real Conscious contact with The Light actually changes our lives irreversibly, simply because Understanding cannot be "undone". Whoever says otherwise has no clue whatsoever on the subject matter.

3. Virtually all gurus demand and expect total "surrender" from their followers. As a brutal violation of The Freedom of Choice and The Freedom of Thought, such a demand is an act against The Purpose of the Universe.


Your views won't make you popular in yoga community.


I do not seek popularity, especially among the flock. I seek TRUTH.

I express my views to help others to wake up and consider the Reality of the Universe.


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