Why protests do not work?

Tom, what do you think about things like protests, undertaken by activists who care for many things, such as the environment for example?

When they conduct 'blockades', are they interfering with other peoples' choice of pursuing their own activities? Or are they realising that people in power (whether it's business or economical) directly influence our lives, and that they must be forced to change their practices?


Anyone can choose to do whatever they feel like doing. What action WORKS (achieves a set goal) is the entirely different matter.

Active protests rarely achieve their goals. The most common method of the establishment to deal with these is to PROVOKE some violent activity, so that the army and police can be used "to restore order".

Like in many communist regimes, it is not uncommon for the establishment to employ "agents of violence" and mix them with protestors. Violent acts are therefore guaranteed, even if sincere protestors do not plan to behave violently. Have you ever thought WHY large contingets of police and army are ALWAYS ready during protests? Isn't it because violence is PLANNED to begin with?

Other common tools of the Establishment are propaganda and misinformation. The primary purpose of inducing violence is to RECORD and PUBLICISE it in order to discredit protestors as "violent thugs" in the eyes of the public. That way "actions of restoring order" appear justified and the public is kept misinformed to the greatest extent possible.

How to make protests work?

The most critical is to UNITE enough people (by their free will) to achieve a common goal for the benefit of everyone. The most important condition for such a union is correct and accurate INFORMATION what is to be achieved, WHY and what NEXT. The larger the group (across a nation or even several nations) and the better the Goal, the greater are chances of success.

The more people are united - the simpler and safer the "protest action itself" can be. For example if we manage to unite the entire nation to achieve a certain goal (eliminate fossil fuels for example), the "action" can be as simple as staying home and switching off all appliances until the goal is achieved. In a day or two power stations, transport, all businesses etc.. would all stop and nation would come to a standstill. No leader would be able to ignore such a UNITY.

Do you remember what was the condition for achieving such a Unity? It was a dissemination of the ACCURATE INFORMATION in the correct CONTEXT so that people can CHOOSE to participate in the protest by their own free will. Is it a coincidence that we live in times where Internet provides an efficient way for the information transfer and exchange?

For an example of a protest that WORKED please read The Book.


I agree Tom. However, the question of How to Unite is not easy. What you are doing is precisely what is necesarry, namely informing people. But what will they do with the information? We know that our track record on earth isn't particulary good when it comes to making the most of good information. The majority of enlightened people have been persecuted when they tried to speak the truth. So How to Unite people? The necessary condition of having sufficient people being informed is being fulfiled. But perhaps something else is needed to spark the desire for change in people. Natural cataclysyms come to mind, but I am hoping for something better. Remember the story in Thiaoouba Prophecy about the four people who preached LOVE and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION outside their palace? Why was it only when they were killed that those people DID something? How did Ghandi change many things for the better BEFORE he died?

I still don't know the perfect answer, but maybe it's a type of positive shock. Wouldn't you be pleasantly surprised, or positively shocked, if our politicians forewent all the crap, and started sacrificing all the money, perks and pride to support projects which focused on ecological preservation and spiritual development? Aren't you inspired by people who clearly have as the ONLY agenda the wellbeing of the people, regardless of the consequences? I am.What are WE, the people who read and use this forum, DOING?


We try to share ideas with anyone who can comprehend them.

There is not much more that we can or SHOULD do. If people CHOOSE to focus their attention on the toilet paper they use - we cannot and SHOULDN'T disturb them.

Narrow minded people should be left alone - so they can destroy themselves as soon as possible with tools and toys provided in Nature. Disturbing narrow minded with ideas that they do not seek just disturbs the Natural Self Correction Process of the Universe. Please see the article for more details.

My latest research results prove the statement from The Book that "...Earth will disappear as a result of horrific cataclysms..." if people continue as they are. To cut the story short - Earth will explode and become one more asteroid belt in our Solar System. More details soon.


Tom, you are acting like all the religious freaks in the past. You are threatning with the earth's destruction and 'the end of the world' which can be only avoided if you accept 'my' way of life.You are saying,you have the freedom of choice BUT if you act in any way apart from mine you'll be doomed.Isn't that denying the freedom of choice?


If you cannot see any difference - sorry, I cannot help you. I cannot understand anything for you. You need to achieve all understanding by yourself. I leave fools and narrow minded people alone. See above.

You seem to miss the point. I am not threatening anyone - I just try to EXPLAIN the danger. If a child considers making a big fire in your bedroom - wouldn't you try to EXPLAIN the danger?

For scientific explanation and a proof of the seriousness of the situation please see this article.

If your intellect is unwilling or unable to understand the analysis - NO PROOF IS POSSIBLE.


There is a fundamental difference between what Tom is doing, and what a multitude of religious 'freaks' have done and continue to do.

The Freedom of Choice is one person's best attempts to describe an understanding of reality and universal purpose, and to prove that the most important of all is to UNDERSTAND FOR YOURSELF. It even gives some ideas on how to learn.

Other approaches tend to revolve around the "believe what I say and you can be one of the special ones' philosophy, with a 'none of this is truly your responsibility, just surrender it all to a higher power (me, i hope) and it'll all be fine" flavour.


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