Machine for dreams?

dear tom,i recived a machine that is suppose to 'help' be have lucid dreams. Every time I try to control my dreams it never works, so I got the machine it can only help me I have to help myselfwhat do you think.....

what is astral travel like?

by doing it can I direct my astral body (after death) to a more advance planet or even become a pure spirit????

I heard some buddhist monks can levitate, walk through walls ect. will they go to a higher category planet by doing so?????


Can you enrol for a PhD before you learn to read and write? There are NO SHORTCUTS in the evolution of Intellect. There cannot be.

If you expect a "machine" to help you to get control over your own consciousness - be prepared for a bitter disappointment.

I have tried and I was set back many months if not years.

If you want to save time - start with the basic. Learn concentration when you are awake, so you can "recall" this skill when you are in the "altered" state such as dream for example.

Try closing your eyes during the exercise with the cross and MAINTAIN your concentration. If you succeed, the cross should be in front of you when you open your eyes. Have fun.


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