Problems with evolution?

Tom, I can agree with most of your views exept the one about evolution. You say that animals are always animals and do not change...


Where did I say this? Evolution is a FACT.

I said that a bacteria cannot become a dog, only a more intelligent and a better adopted bacteria. My key point about evolution (expressed in the Freedom book) is that the evolution actually occurs in the consciousness. Physical changes are direct result of LEARNING. Please read my words more carefully.

If you searched this Forum for "evolution" or the topic "are we always human?" you would find many answers about the evolution of consciousness of animals, including the discussion about the REASON for animals to have limited conscious resources.


when you say 'a bacteria cannot become a dog, only a more intelligent and a better adopted bacteria' do you mean only during its current life? Do you think a bacteria could become a dog over time maybe after millions of years of learning certain things from both its environment and as a result of gradual mutations?


Highly unlikely. Bacteria can adapt (=learn) to live in a nuclear reactor, but it will remain being bacteria.

Bacteria mutate very quickly (minutes or even seconds). If it was at all possible for bacteria to mutate into something else, scientists would notice it when they breed bacteria and manipulate their living conditions. No spontaneous or induced mutations have ever been noticed... I seriously doubt if it is possible to genetically engineer any higher lifeform from bacteria.

Note, that existence of higher lifeforms, including humans, is practically impossible without bacteria. Eco-systems simply cannot sustain themselves without bacteria. If bacteria evolved to something else, eco-systems would collapse.

In your own gut you have billions if not trillions of bacteria. If these bacteria were not there - you will not be able to digest any food and you will die from a complex chain if consequences.


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