Creation or Evolution?

You commonly refer to the Great Intellect in your book. I'm curious whether subscribe to Intelligent Design or Evolution more?


Anyone who confronts Creation (Intelligent Design) with Evolution gives evidence that he/she has no idea whatsoever about either.

Evolution is not any "theory". Evolution is an Observable Fact.The most important feature of the Evolution is that it occurs in Consciousness.Appearances and functionality arise as a result of conscious needs.

This Universe is a result of Evolution of Consciousness of Great Intellect - its Designer. The Big Bang has been specifically designed to facilitate and inspire the Evolution of Consciousness - of Great Intellect itself and everyone else in the Universe.

As you can see, when you expand the context of your considerations, there is no conflict between Evolution and Creation.In fact, creativity can only arise when Consciousness becomes sufficiently evolved...


2014: There actually exists a "necessary condition" for evolution to arise.

The essence of evolution is passing information from generation to generation. There cannot be any evolution if passing information from generation to generation is impossible.

But for information itself to exist, it needs to be encoded. Information simply cannot exist withour being encoded - this is well known and not disputed.

Encoding cannot be "random" because randomly encoded information cannot be retrieved. Encoding is likely to be more robust and more resilient to damage than the information storage medium/system.

So, we can say that encoding is a necessary condition for information to exist.

The above observations inevitably lead to the statement that the necessary condition for evolution is existence of information encoding.

We can even say more: information encoding must have existed before ANY evolution could even begin.

This brings a question: how did the information encoding come to existence?

My 1999 effort to address this question is published in the Freedom of Choice book, to which this Forum is dedicated.

For more formal discussion on evolution see article 

This article has been praised by award-wining academics for its "impeccable logic" since it was published in Feb 2013, but so far had little impact on the naiive "theory of evolution" peddled through various schools.

Tom, 17 July 2014

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