Do we need `masters` ?

Dear Tom: Some "masters" say that without a master's guidance it's not safe to meditate. I found one who states that those who try to meditate without a master may have hallucinations, become 'possessed', or even go mad. Can someone really become possessed? Possessed by whom??


Have you seen How safe is Out of Body topic on this Forum? Strange things may ONLY happen if you completely surrender your Freedom of Choice YOURSELF.


This master also says that REAL meditation can ONLY be achieved after 'transmission' by a real master, other wise it's just a waste of time. I would like to know your opinion.


Some people who call themselves "masters" can transmit telepathic messages in the form of images or sounds and use this skill to attract and control flocks of followers. Please see Levels of Spirituality topic on this Forum for more details.


I've tried to be disciplined with meditation (from 3 to 6 am with the method described in your book), but since I started trying, I just feel disappointed and frustrated to fail at every attempt. I've had good improvement with the cross-exercise (even with out using the finger), but I don't feel any improvement with meditation. I've tried to start with the cross-exercise, the Tibetan-5 and the chakra-shirt on, but there seems to be no progress at all.


What do you call "progress"? Can you achieve a truly CALM mind with no thoughts? Can you maintain this state? It took me many months of practice before I could even start to understand the state of CALM and QUIET mind.

Why don't you ASK your Higher Self to SHOW you or GIVE YOU AN IDEA what you should learn? Your Higher Self is your BEST teacher. There is no better teacher for you in the entire Universe.


Where I live there are no spiritual teachers that can assist me; all we have is a bunch of religions that try to brainwash people. Since I am a vegetarian and have nothing against following the requirements asked by this Master, I would like to know whether or not I should apply to receive an 'initiation'.


You have The Freedom of Choice. There is nothing wrong with experiencing a reception of a telepathic message. I have to admit that it is actually quite fascinating and inspiring. Every time I receive such a message I become motivated to practice meditation and concentration for weeks if not months.

The most important is that you should have your OWN GOALS and aim to do your OWN exploration and your OWN verification of ANYTHING that you hear from ANY teacher.

Most "masters" are able to bring true gems to your attention, but unfortunately they mix these gems up with a LOT of pure crap, usually to promote themselves.

The bottom line is this: anyone who aims to compromise your Freedom of Choice (by using fear or whatever other means) or anyone who puts any constrain or limit on the development of your Intellect gives evidence that he/she has absolutely no idea about The Purpose of Conscious Existence.

Do you remember the "filter for the crap" on page 62 of The Freedom Of Choice? Try it out and you will learn in ANY situation.


Thanks a lot for your excellent answers. I really admire you for helping me understand many things with simple logic.

I understand my higher self is my best teacher, but how can I receive so 'many' answers (or clues) if I can't meditate yet? That's precisely what I'm trying to achieve through meditation. I want to look deeper within. I want direct connection with my higher self. I want to feel the light and find at least some clues for problems I have in my life. That's why I feel so disappointed every time I fail at meditation. It's really hard for me to achieve a state of mind with no thoughts, but I'll keep trying.


Can you hear a gentle whisper at a disco or in another noisy environment?

Your Higher Self 'whispers' hints for you most of the time. But if your mind is full of anxieties (including the one about your apparent lack of success in meditation) - you simply MISS them.

Some people call it "letting go of everything" for a while, some people call it meditation. No matter how you call it, being able to attain and maintain this state of SILENT mind, not engaged in ANY thinking, is ESSENTIAL to being able to perceive subtle messages from your Higher Self.

It is all about AWARENESS and SENSITIVITY that expand a LOT when your mind is not fighting with itself, your ego or your problems.


Hi Tom & S.S. I received an 'initiation' from a teacher 6 months ago. Since then, I have learned that 'progress' from meditation can take many different forms, not just visions/sounds etc.

I also had problems initially, but found that after periods of perserverence, 'breakthroughs' occur. Tom's advice is good, and I would also add that if you received an initiation, do not concern yourself if others who meditate don't share your views. In my experience there are many people who still prefer to believe what they are told, rather than trying to truly understand things themselves.

Tom, it seems to me that when something is experienced in meditation, what it means and where it is from should be checked out. Is there a better way than concentrating on finding the source? What if the source isn't where you want to go?


No one can make you wiser - you can only achieve it YOURSELF. No one can make you understand things - you have to achieve the understanding YOURSELF. An attitude of assuming that "someone somewhere knows so I don't need to" is more dangerous for you and your consciousness than exploding an atomic bomb in your hands.

Good teacher may help, but the most significant achievements in the history of humanity were accomplished by people who INSISTED on their OWN explorations.

Do you think Einstein had a good teacher? He has been pronounced retarded by his teachers, hasn't he? What would happen to him if he BELIEVED his teachers?

Can you determine how MUCH a given teacher doesn't yet understand? My attitude is to admit and consider advice, but INSIST on your own explorations and your OWN Freedom of Choice...


Can a 'master' change past karma? This claim has been made by a 'master' who describes that all 'karma' from past lives is erased - except that needed to live this life. This seems to go against the purpose of living.


You are correct. Would you like to go to a school in which clever people have to work hard and those who don't understand anything - graduate?

Only when you truly UNDERSTAND reasons for all your previous mistakes, you become free from them - you don't repeat them anymore. This new understanding may occur as a result of some good 'teachings'.


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