Can we help paralyzed people to heal?

My cousin Steve was in a crash, injuring his neck, he is now paralyzed from the neck down. this happened early this may. My question is; Would it be possible to aid him in his healing using the energy generated by my own aura? If so, how would I channel my energy to help him? I would be so grateful for any help I can get on this subject. Thank You, Upsirver


It is not an 'energy' that heals. It is a transfer of coherent INFORMATION about the details of the self-repair that may take place.

I do not know enough to advise you in detail. Becoming aware of the details of the harmony in your OWN body and imagining the perfect functioning of your brother's body may be a good point to start.

Since feelings are always the easiest messages to transmit mind-to-mind it may be a good idea to enter a state of LOVE before you aim for anything else.

Result depends not only on your choices, but PRIMARILY your brother's. Maybe he has CHOSEN to live a life with certain limitations in order to learn more or pass a certain test - before he was born.

Have you seen "What is the purpose of Living with a brain damage?" in this Forum?


You state that no illness is incurable. I believe this. But how then does one set about curing the incurable. My young daughter has a so-called incurable condition. How best can I help her?We live in Auckland, New Zealand and I would very much like to be placed in touch with a reputable healer. Do you know anyone here who might be able to assist us?


The best help we can possibly give is to assist others to help themselves.

Living with disease and overcoming it has been one of the best lessons in my life. Now I am trying to learn how to die - separate my consciusness from my physical body.

Have you read my answers to the previous question above?


Would you please explain to me, what does it mean: "Now I am trying to learn how to die - separate my consciusness from my physical body."

Can it be pactised/learned BEFORE the actual death?!

Thank you,
Johanna  23/10/214

Separating consciousness from physical body for ~24 hours (or dying and coming back) has been one of key exercises of Tibetan lamas and some yogis for thousands of years - in advanced stages of their training.

I heard of at least one modern scientist (physicist) who become convinced that it is possible and actually tried this exercise to explore structure of atoms. See this topic for more details. 

~2000 years ago a man demonstrated immortality of consciousness in public - coming back to life on the 3rd day after being hung on a cross and murdered. 

There is a looong string of medical cases where people came from "dead" many hours after clinical death telling stories where they have been when "out" and what did they see.

It is one of the greatest failures of humanity on Earth that these traditions and witness reports are not receiving the attention that they deserve. Interfering with ancient Tibetan traditions and culture is a crima against entire humanity.

Please read The Freedom of Choice book again, several times if necessary, and try not to miss an argument that Your Consciousness is the only thing in the entire Universe that is actually yours.

Your physical body and every atom in it is actually temporary.

Whether or not you will be able to sustain and continue your existence in the Universe depends solely on how you program your own Consciousness. If you program it with clutter, fear, monetary and material attachments, misinformation and deceit - you are likely to get lost and perish.

It is not a coincidence that a wise man ~2000 years ago said "Whoever finds the inerpretation of these sayings will not taste death" (the opening statement from he Gospel of Thomas). This man not only had demostrated immortality of consciousness, but also insisted that everyone can do what he did.

Aren't people on Earth missing the point of being alive?

Tom 24/10/2014

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