Overcoming habits and indoctrination?

Most of my life I have searched for truth, having left the church some years ago after concluding that religions create their own illusion of reality.

But strangely, things I've been indoctrinated with my whole life still seem to have a hold on me (e.g.: Hell) even though I know them to be false.

Your book and a few others, seem to answer all my questions. I don't know how to express it properly but it's like your book (and the others)have confirmed what I already knew.

I realize I have a long way to go and lots to learn (everyone has to start somewhere)and I realize the first thing I have to do is quit smoking(hard). I plan to fast as soon as I receive your book The Joy of Perfect Health.

In the mean time I've started with concentration exercises and meditation. And this is where I would like your advice. I can using the two circles obtain a perfect cross (without using my fingers) and pretty much hold for as long as I want except that I can't seem to do it without blinking. If I don't blink, my eyes become very sore and wet. Any advice?

Do you know of any people groups that share your view in South Africa Cape Town area. Finding likeminded people has always been the most frustrating part which has probably held me back. I don't understand people who just don't want to question things. I think they feel more secure in their own illusions. I generally question everything and normally this puts me in trouble.

Well thanks for a great book. I think your book is doing a great service for a mankind.Alan Shadford (South Africa),

Alan Shadford

The exercise with the cross is very difficult, especially when we try to do it without blinking. After a few minutes without blinking I have to close my eyes and meditate.

One thing that enabled me to make some progress in the beginning was STAYING RELAXED. Try to examine all muscle tensions in your body/face and RELEASE them. I started with 20-30 second exercises several times a day and remembered to relax everything else. Gradually I could increase the time and the depth of concentration, but I have still a long way to go...

Another technique is to blink or even close your eyes but MAINTAIN the CONCENTRATION. When you succeed to stay in focus - you should see a perfectly aligned cross immediately when you open your eyes. I found that maintaining such a "closed eyes" concentration is VERY SIMILAR to the process of maintaining Astral experiences and "consciously controlling dreams".

Readers from Cape Town, can you please contact the webmaster below if you want to join the group.


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