World going crazy?

I do think that our planet is going crazy and I see how more and more people die each month because of natural disasters. What bothers me is that the uncorrupted scientists warn everyone about it but yet they fail to provide or advise a better alternative. Scientists fail to realize that people are brainwashed, conditioned and won't listen very well, especially if they are used to hearing from the same group of people that they will get cancer if they expose their bodies to the sun.

Oil prices are very high, anything better would probably also be a lot cheaper, that solves the economical question. And then please don't tell me scientists don't have the money to develop new technology, they are very well paid and through history a lot of major inventions were built from scrap or by modifying already available products.

Dr. James Hansen from NASA is spending his 18th year warning people and still nothing has been done except some people are scared and talk horror predictions and wait passively for them to happen.

And then the system censors all information that is dangerous to the leaders. This is not a problem, because of the internet and the majority of intelligent people who live in developed countries have access to it. Have you tried typing 'failure' in the world's most ingenius internet browser Google? See the first result for yourself.


I tried - it is fun. It demonstrates how much intelligence is behind Google.

I think your understanding of the current system is limited. Just try to admit the possibility that the current system is set up for maximum exploitation of people.

In order to exploit people, the "system" makes them totally dependant on all essential supplies (fuel, water, food, energy etc...). Oil is just one of many tools of keeping people dependant on the "system" and 'money' is the only way to get any supplies.

In order to prevent people uniting against their exploitation, the system provokes and inflames every possible conflict, gives arms to all sides of the conflict and creates conditions for people fighting with one another for no reason whatsoever. The other method the "system" uses is propaganda: keeping people confused, scared and misinformed to the greatest extent possible.

A wise proverb says "united we stand". The leaders of the today's "system" make sure that people are scared and keep fighting one another.

In 2006 the only way to limit the scale of the forthcoming global disaster is to ban burning fossil fuels of any kind for at least 20 years and focus on reforestation of every acre on Earth. This approach requires uniting action of every person on the planet, Recent tsunamis and earthquakes seem not serious enough to change attitudes and priorities of people of Earth. I hope that after Feb 28 more people will reconsider their priorities.

As for scientists on Earth, they are paid by the "system". As the case of Dr Hansen demonstrates, those who dare to speak out are censored and gagged. The next stage after gagging is dismissal and public ridicule using the mass media.

"The greater a lie - the easier people believe in it" said Dr Goebels, propaganda chief of Adolf Hitler.


May be I missed something, but - what's special about Feb 28?


High Astronomical Tide (king tide). If the planetary core is indeed eccentric, it is most likely to provoke tectonic/volcanic activity around this time.


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