More earthquakes?

Tom, I am not very familiar with causes for earthquakes, but was the position of the moon a big factor in this last global catastrophe (26 Dec 2004) or is it just that this planet chose to say goodbye a few times before it goes for good?I don't know whether to cry or what, but here in Europe the majority doesn't seem to be even a little concerned by this. For them, it's just another headline in the news.


An overheated planetary interior is bound to produce far more serious seismic events than the one on 26 Dec 2004. A 10m tsunami is quite small. Global seismic activity is related to the process of the planetary interior trying to cool itself.

Watch Antarctica. Any significant earthquake there can displace huge glaciers (that already melt from underneath) to the sea. In such a case we will see not only tsunamis on all oceans, but a permanent raise in sea level combined with a wobble in Earth's axis of rotation. Our so-called "civilization" may be 50% gone within 24 hours...

Please read this article and follow its links for more details.


I've been reading and rereading your forum for well over ten years now. It's proved to be a great source of inspiration in my life. Thank you for continuing to post.

Did you see the spike in earthquakes that the world experienced in April 2014? Do you think we are still on track for major disasters, or do you think the situation has changed? Has the world done enough to stop the planet exploding? It does seem like there is more awareness of pollution around the world now.


Lachie  19 Aug 2014

We are still on track to annihilate life on Earth and perhaps the planet itself. 

The situation now is close to irreversible and I estimate that we have only about 20 years before we perish - one way or another.

Politicians are busy waging wars, fabricating pretexts for them and approving huge coal mines + gas/oil exploitations. Consumption of fossil fuels grows out of control.

In the meantime, the planet does what it can to cool its interior. Volcanic ash clouds of increased frequency and magnitude reflect some sunlight back into space. Incidentally volcanic ash and gases are directly responsible for causing past "ice ages" - every time the planetary interior was too hot. Each and every ice age is identified by a layer of ash in rock sediments on all continents.

The most recent "mini-ice-age" 540AD (so-called "dark ages" when trees/crops on Earth stopped growing for ~10 years and there was famine/epidemics everywhere on Earth) can be clearly identified by layers of ash on both polar ice caps.

One of the latest remaining heat-sinks (places that can accumilate heat) left on Earth are polar caps and Greenland. They melt heated from underneath...

Significant amount of Antarctic ice is held by a small "plug" that temporarily prevents glaciers sliding to the ocean and causing global flood. Global flood has happened in the past, wiping out most people on Earth. Do you remember what was the ancient published reason for this flood?

When polar caps + Greenalnd ice melt we can see sea level rise up to 80 meters. What is the elevation of your house above sea level?

Good planets are not easy to find...

Tom 26 Aug 2014

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