Tom, Given the advent of war etc and all the misery in the world, do you avoid this information from entering your consciousness or do you treat this as a lesson and expose yourself to the worst conditions to test how spiritually mature your responses can be?


Nor "appearances" but what is BEHIND them is the most important. [1]

People have to be allowed to make their choices, no matter how bizarre. They have The Freedom of Choice.

However, whoever restrains choices of other people, by whatever means (declaring war, brainwashing people to believe in "enemies", putting people to an "army" to obey commands to kill etc..) performs one of the greatest crimes a man can commit in the Universe [1] - the crime against The Purpose of Conscious Existence.

If you want to take a lesson - try to Understand why people listen to and believe conmen like modern era politicians... Then you will also understand how and why Hitler did what he did...

One thing seems certain: you cannot hide away from Reality. However, it is your responsibility to PROCESS incoming information and make YOUR OWN choices what to do and what to THINK.


I have noticed that people are starting to wake-up. Most Australians are opposed to any Australian involvement in a supposed war.

The media has somewhat changed too. They are focusing on opposition to a war and what people are doing to protest against it.

To me, this is a positive step in the evolution of humankind spirit.


I is fairly easy to notice that a leader who contemplates supporting a suspicious war on the other side of the Planet in times when he cannot even handle immediate emergencies at home - is deeply out of touch with Reality (to say the least).

Did you notice that only when his policy has been put in sufficient CONTRAST with Real emergency people begin to get the point how irrelevant is his "leadership"?

Did you notice that all wars are created by LEADERS (not people who elected them)? Did you notice how such leaders brainwash their own nations with empty words to believe in "enemies"?

I am afraid that it may take many more disasters, earthquakes, tidal waves, fire storms, floods, volcanic explosions etc... before people realize how important is the quality of the Leader that they choose.

It will take many disasters before people realize how important is to be self-sufficient (at least to some degree) rather than totally dependent on "central" supplies (water, energy, food, information, education etc...)

It will take a lot of suffering before people begin to realize that it is far better to cooperate with mutual benefit rather than compete or fight a war...




Tom, if Iraq really has weapons of mass destruction and we don't take it from them by force, would leaving Iraq alone be the answer? Ok, we need to respect their freedom of choice, but what about the iraqi people being denied their freedoms?


You used a very important word - IF. I am not sure if Iraqi weapons are indeed as dangerous as they are being described by those who control the information and the media. However, I have no doubt that US weapons are VERY dangerous, the most dangerous on Earth...

Today ABC has published a serious analyst report that US "leaders" are itching to "test" their new nuclear weapons in Iraq... Can you guess WHY?

When US finishes one war - their leaders INITIATE another. There is no end to wars... In every new war - new weapons are being tested. Do you think it is a coincidence? Can you establish WHERE it all leads???

In any case, use of "force" perpetuates hatred and eventually causes more fighting and misery. It will take a lot more suffering before people begin to realize that it is far better to cooperate with mutual benefit rather than compete or fight a war...

Unfortunately, those who push buttons on their bombers (and those who command them) do not feel any discomfort... They are promoted to higher rank and proclaimed to be "heroes". Hence, the misery continues...


agree. I also just attended an 'effects of war' public meeting in Melbourne and after hearing the arguments, including people who have been to Iraq after 1991 and took photographs, my favourite was that it really does not make any sense trying to eradicate the existence of weapons of mass destruction by using the same weapons. It's a bit like 'killing to preserve life', which also doesn't make any sense. And also isn't it the height of hypocrisy to kill for oil on one hand, while on the other hand mentioning 'hydrogen car research funding' in an important speech? (Bush's recent State of Union speech) [rafal]

I have a very strong feeling that Bush will go to war even in violation of UN resolution for the sake of fear. Britian is no doubt will follow suit. Although there are people here, forming groups to protest war against Iraq. I doubt if such groups can change anything. I doubt the effectiveness of such groups including greenpeace, friends of earth..etc. Big changes on earth are needed to evade future catastrophes. Such changes require fundamental change of lifestyle of every individual.


War propaganda diverts attention of millions away from earthquakes and other planetary disasters that seem to intensify.

It seems that people need to experience disasters themselves before they will be able to see how irrelevant is a "leadership" that induces wars.


 I''ve always liked the bumper-sticker that said, "What if they held a war and nobody came ?"   Unfortunately, humans in general are no smarter than army ants, obediantly obeying every order of leaders and their propoganda.  What we need is to teach propoganda recognition in our schools, as propoganda relies on only a few psycological techniques, easily recognized if we know what to look for.  I think we will see a lot less war if this could somehow be implemented don't you think Tom ?  Couch potato 30-10-2014

I like the sticker teaser. 

Unfortunately, as you noticed, people on Earth are too stupid to even become aware of this choice. Considering this choice is obviously too advanced for humanity on Earth.

Colony of ants always acts in the direction of common good, sustainable existence in the presence of limited resources and their leadership is not elected based on false promises... Colony of ants does not live in debt to who-knows-whom because their society does not depend on money.

Humanity on Earth has adopted exactly the opposite direction: endless fighting (for nonsensical reasons), abuse of limited resources (we need ~4.5 Earths to continue what we do here), electing conmen "leaders" who create planetary embarrassment every time they say something and making all choices and activities dependent on borrowed money.

Your idea about educating people to recognize propaganda is good, but you cannot count on the mainstream education system to deliver it. I worked in the education system for several decades and left because the system has little to do with education as I see it. The current system is designed to produce perfect members of the flock and any attempt to criticize the system results in consequences reminiscent of Great Inquisition.

So, if you want to spread the idea of "nobody goes to wars" you need to do it using an alternative delivery of information

My idea, back in 1999, was to write The Freedom of Choice book to define the Purpose of Existence and give people "filter" for all crap (not only for propaganda) based on The Purpose.

I really do not know what else to do. If you have a good idea how to inspire people to think, act on it and let me know about it.

Nature has a special method to teach stubborn and decadent people on planets like ours: suffering. When conscious evolution system becomes corrupt - most people perish in a magnificent cataclysm. We are not the first "civilization" on Earth to perish, but we can be the last...

Tom 1-11-2014

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